EC-130 und EC-160

  • 130 centimetres in diameter
  • Also available in 160-cm diameter for more ambitious entertaining
  • Seats 8-10


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EC-130 and EC-160

The new CDS line showcases outstanding CDS technology in this combined cooking and dining table incorporating a central cooking/grilling area. The EC-130 and -160 are circular tables at unbeatable prices in two diameters – 130 cm or, for more ambitious entertaining, 160 cm. The fully weatherproof EC-160 seats 8–10 guests in a consummately sociable setting – chatting, laughing, cooking, grilling, switching off the central heating element between courses and firing it up again for the next course or dessert. This unique technology is the perfect expression of contemporary lifestyle cuisine, the cornerstone of a philosophy that once again restores healthy cooking and communication to the glorious unity they have known throughout millennia.


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