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  • 160 x 110 cm
  • CDS teppanyaki-style grill with Shallow Dip technology, 51×38 cm



CDS at its most attractively priced: The globally unique CDS technology, proven over decades, takes centre stage in this cooking table in special stainless steel. Featuring Shallow Dip technology, the cooking area becomes concave when heated and reverts to its previously completely flat state when cool – year, after year, decade after decade, thanks to German engineering. And now it’s available at an absolutely unbeatable price! Technology that supports contemporary, healthy and fast cooking and grilling directly at – in fact, on – the table! The table contains a brilliant built-in high-powered teppanyaki grill which becomes concave when heated. At the heart of this attractively priced cooking table is the completely original, completely unique CDS teppanyaki-style grill, with decades of proven quality. The cooking area is set into a rectangular wooden tabletop that is completely weatherproof and resilient enough for outdoor use. The tabletop is 160 x 110 centimetres in size. The central CDS teppanyaki-style grill, in flawless quality, proven over decades, features Shallow Dip technology and becomes concave when heated. It measures 51×38 cm.


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