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  • When closed, 90×90 cm table with glass top or HPL-coated top
  • When extended: 180×90 cm
  • CDS heating element with Shallow Dip technology forming concave area in cooktop when heated, 51×38 cm



Like all CDS cooking tables, this white CDS table is a cooking table and grill featuring CDS’ globally unique teppanyaki-style grill with underlying heating element. In operation, a concave cooking area forms at the centre of the grill, enabling sauces to be prepared alongside the fried or grilled dishes. The CL-90×90-180×90 is a master of transformation. Resting on a stable all-aluminium frame, when closed it is a compact table with glass or HPL-coated top measuring 90×90, and a useful addition to any kitchen or living-room. But the magic happens when it is extended to 180×90 cm. Abracadabra! The second 90×90 element of the top glides out, containing a top-quality 51×38 cm CDS heating element with Shallow Dip technology – forming a concave dip when heated – within the HPL border. Whatever the size of your apartment, now you can live the CDS philosophy of stress-free cooking pleasure to the full, sitting in a convivial gathering around the cooktop to grill, chat and enjoy each other’s company far from the stress of everyday.



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